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RemoteDB Gateway - User Registration Form

1. Licensing Information

Various licensing options are available. Licenses are sold based on a concurrent usage model and range anywhere from a single user license to an unlimited user license. Each client that establishes a connection to the server counts as a user. Therefore if a client machine establishes three connections to the server, this will count as three users against the license.

To purchase a license, please complete this registration form and either:

  1. Click on the BUY NOW button below.
  2. Mail the completed form with payment to Nogginware Corporation.
For some of our larger customers, purchase orders will be accepted. Once a completed registration form and accompanying payment have been received, a license key will be distributed that will enable the software for the specified number of concurrent users. By purchasing a license, you agree to abide by the terms of the License Agreement.

Registering the software entitles you to unlimited support and free upgrades to the product as they become available. As a registered user, you will be notified via electronic mail when upgrades are available for download. Your software license key will continue to work with subsequent releases of RemoteDB Gateway.

2. User information

Please complete the following information:

First Name:
Last Name:

3. License Fees

Please select one of the following licensing options:

Single User License ($59.95)
5-User License ($139.95)
10-User License ($199.95)
25-User License ($399.95)
50-User License ($599.95)
Unlimited User License ($999.95)

All fees are in U.S. dollars.

4. Server Information

When you register the software, a license key will be distributed that will activate the software for the registered number of users. The license is only valid for a single copy of the RemoteDB Gateway server running on a single computer. To generate this license key, Nogginware requires that a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) be generated for the computer on which the RemoteDB Gateway server software will be installed.

If you already have a computer designated to run the RemoteDB Gateway server software, please generate a GUID using one of the methods described below.

Version Number Detailed Instructions
2.3 or less Select the "File | Create GUID..." menu option.
2.4 or greater Select the "File | Options..." menu option and click the "License" tab.

Cut and paste the GUID into the following field and a license key will be generated and sent along with your registration confirmation.

Server GUID:

If you do not have a computer designated at this time, a license key will not be generated until this information becomes available. You may either call or email Nogginware and a license key will be distributed. Please be sure to properly identify yourself when making the request.

5. Payment

To pay by credit card or bank transfer, click on the following button.

(payments are processed through PayPal)

Payments may also be made by check or money order. Checks drawn on U.S. or international banks are accepted. Payments made with foreign currencies are subject to the latest currency exchange rate (visit http://quote.yahoo.com/m3 to find an excellent currency exchange rate calculator). Payment must be mailed together with this form to the following address.

Nogginware Corporation
2506 Branding Iron Ct.
Herndon, VA 20171

Please make checks or money orders payable to Nogginware Corporation.

6. Software Distribution

Once payment has been received, an order confirmation containing a license key that activates the software for the requested number of users will be distributed. All distributions will occur either by electronic mail or regular mail. This distribution will typically occur within 24 hours of payment receipt. For fastest service, please provide a valid email address.

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